Friday, April 16, 2010


finally i've seen the footage. rough assemblages starting to come together. this part can be painful. the shot that went so perfectly on set is in fact a shimmering display of directorial ineptitude; the cool, spur-of-the-moment on-set solution to a problem was in fact a lame, turgid and uneven choice that was latched onto for the sake of ease not the sake of narrative. And so forth. There's an ocean of dissonance between what you thought you shot and what you actually have and here, at the rough phase where shots and sequences are pasted in order but not finessed yet, it can be a tad dispiriting. But that's a given and you look past it. b/c there are also things that work better than you thought, there are serendipities, there are causes for joy...

here's a pic of progress from evonne