Wednesday, July 13, 2011

transfer complete

Monday early AM we drove up to Seattle. blissfully light traffic so we got to Lightpress w/ 20 min to spare. went back to one of the suites, discussed some particulars then went reel by reel, or rather, roll by roll, identifying issues and concerns and ideas. was awesome to see the film, albeit on a smaller screen.

Matt Sipes and Todd Tschida in truck
took about 2 hrs to get thru 7 rolls. we then moved into a room w/ a large screen and got to see the footage up close and personal. (below are shots from DP's iphone). got out of there in early afternoon and went to union station. DP went on to Bellingham, I took Amtrak back to portland

Christine Calfas, mid-martini

Thursday, July 7, 2011

film processed!

film developed and processed at alphacine and now residing at letterpress. DP and I going up on monday to supervise the transfer. stay tuned