Tuesday, September 22, 2009


no interest in flogging something for the thrill of it, but after witnessing the train-wreck spectacle that is (500) Days of Summer, we found we could not stop discussing every level of its ghastly and abhorrent putridity. From casting to script to editing to music every single department seems to misfire leaving a sort of dim, sputtering thing onscreen that attempts to use staggered chronology and pop-culture to gloss over the glaring fact that this is a movie about nothing. There's nothing wrong w/ a film slight in scope but unlike say 'annie hall' or 'the graduate' (two films this seems desperate to be put in the same company with) there is no appeal to the characters or situation. It feels like we're watching a 21 year old's take on how hard love is. To make matters worse, it attempts to parody persona and the seventh seal to mind-bendingly unfunny and purposeless degree. Bad. Wow bad.

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