Tuesday, November 29, 2011

close, close

many experiences and details of post production have occurred since i last updated this blog. I'll have to bullet-point them since memory is a fuzzy beast and time is tick-tocking.
- film transferred to digital files
-hard drive sent to editor in los angeles
-rough cut of film done in final cut pro in sept 2011
-subsequent cuts and tweaks done in avid
- hunt for composer lead across the wilderness of the internet, finally ending in ithica ny by way of eastern oregon
- cut of film revealed that one rear-projection sequence not tenable. I did only one take on set (bound as i was by limited film stock and the mistaken presumption that rear projection plates were bright enough). reshoot options discussed.
- reshoot for sequence scheduled. opted to shoot on HD even though rest of film was shot on super 16mm. this for the sake of ease on the camera front, the editorial front, the fiscal front.
-actor talked into reshoot, especially since it necessitated him shaving off his well-tended and blossoming beard
- reshoot in early november. used still photos in bg plates instead of looping HD video. seemed to work
- talked w/ great band about using some songs for film
- talked w/ old pal about doing opening titles for the movie. (the above is one possible mock-up)
- searched for venue to screen movie
- found venue to screen movie
-continued final tweaks, changes, alteration
-worked on closing titles
- now begins the countdown to 12/21/11 Someday Lounge, Portland Oregon

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